Bee Removal Coolidge

Can you save my bees?

Yes, all bees can be relocated and saved. We spoke with the expert beekeeper from in Coolidge. Levi has been 4 foot below trees, and 50 foot up mountains in order to rescue bees from their location and relocate them to an apiary.

Where to find beekeepers

Simply google search “Bee removal” and your city and a list of bee removal specialists will appear. Beware; however, not all of these websites that pull up will be beekeepers, or even a company that is even remotely interested in saving bees. On the contrary most of the companies that appear will either specialize in killing bees, or simply claim to remove them. ¬†When these companies show up to your house, they make it known that they intend to kill the bees and then remove them. The best way to find a beekeeper is to type in Bee Removal coolidge

Places to find info on Bee Removals in Coolidge

A simple YouTube search for Bee removal in Coolidge will show the video footage of professional beekeepers removing bees. Again though, with time, exterminators will try to shove their way into this area as well. So your best bet is simply to follow the link above for Bee Removal Coolidge.

Honey Bees

Most people think there is some sort of difference between honey bees and other bees. This is true for the numerous species of bees on the planet; however, if you have a set of bees that have moved in that look like honey bees, then they likely are honey bees. Honey bees exhibit a wide range of behaviors from aggressive to docile. So behavior does not determine whether they are honey bees or not. The fact that they make honey, determines if they are honey bees.

Africanized bees

Again, the only way to know if a bee is Africanized is to get it genetically tested. This means the bee or sample of that bee needs to be sent to a lab where it can be genetically identified as the African Strain of bee. Even that knowledge does not predetermine whether the bee hive deserves to die. Simply consider the idea that genetic variation and hybridization can occur in the bee population, and not all “Africanized bees” need to die. It is actually quite common for the expert Arizona beekeepers to desire the more aggressive honey bees because they are very hardy for the hot weather.

What should you do if you encounter bees?

You should call an expert beekeeper. We love bees and we all want to be good stewards of the earth. However, bees must be respected. They can and do kill people, and amateur beekeepers and exterminators who run around not knowing the nature of bees, can endanger everyone in the immediate vicinity of the beehive. Call Abello Bees to help.

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